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Let our expansive network of fulfillment centers across Europe fuel your retail business's growth and expansion.

Why Choose Monta for Your Fulfillment Needs?

  • Strategic Locations: Our centers in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK ensure fast delivery across Europe.
  • Localized Expertise: Each center has local experts who understand regional market dynamics.
  • Cross-Border Efficiency: Our network reduces transit times and customs complexities for seamless cross-border e-commerce.
  • Advanced Technology: State-of-the-art technology for real-time inventory management, tracking, and efficient fulfillment processes.

By leveraging Monta’s strategically placed fulfillment centers and regional expertise, you can optimize logistics, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive your e-commerce success across Europe.

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Explore Our Fulfillment Centers Across Europe

Discover the strategic locations of Monta's fulfillment centers, divided by country, to see how we can help your business thrive.

Monta's warehouse in the United Kingdom

Monta Coventry - United Kingdom

Coventry – Richardson Way

Monta Coventry Ltd
Unit 1 Richardson Way
Coventry CV2 2TA

Monta's Warehouses in the Netherlands

Monta Breda - The Netherlands

Breda - Zoete Inval

Monta Breda BV
Zoete Inval 4
4815 HK Breda
Tel. +31763031470
KvK nr. 70693641
BTW nr. NL.8584.24.319.B01

Monta Den Bosch - The Netherlands

Den Bosch - De Vutter

Monta Den Bosch BV
De Vutter 1
5221 BD Den Bosch
Tel. +31732200490
KVK nr. 81710259
BTW nr. NL.8621.90.630.B01

Monta Enschede - The Netherlands

Enschede - Ir. Hanlostraat

Monta Enschede BV
Ir. Hanlostraat 15
7547 RD Enschede
Tel. +31534305515
KvK nr. 71907645
BTW nr. NL.8588.98.366.B01

Monta Gorinchem Edisonweg - The Netherlands

Gorinchem – Edisonweg

Monta Gorinchem Edisonweg BV
Edisonweg 11
4207 HE Gorinchem
Tel. +31183745910
KvK nr. 64882934
BTW nr. NL.8558.87.357.B01

Monta Gorinchem Papland - The Netherlands

Gorinchem – Papland

Monta Gorinchem Papland BV
Papland 16
4206 CL Gorinchem
Tel. +31184208700
KVK nr. 54516285
BTW nr. NL.8513.35.494.B01

Monta Gorinchem Weide - The Netherlands

Gorinchem – Weide

Monta Gorinchem Weide BV
Weide 30
4206 CJ Gorinchem
Tel. +31183610450
KVK nr. 81719760
BTW nr. NL.8621.94.015.B01

Monta Lelystad - The Netherlands

Lelystad – Zuiveringweg

Monta Lelystad BV
Zuiveringweg 21
8243 PZ Lelystad
Tel. +31320796000
KvK nr. 70490562
BTW nr. NL.8583.41.086.B01

Monta Molenaarsgraaf - The Netherlands

Molenaarsgraaf – Polderweg-Oost

Monta Molenaarsgraaf BV
Polderweg-Oost 19
2973 AN Molenaarsgraaf
Tel. +31850208690
KVK nr. 80688179
BTW nr. NL.8617.63.701.B01

Monta Nieuwveen - The Netherlands

Nieuwveen – Schoterhoek

Monta Nieuwveen BV
Schoterhoek 2
2441 LD Nieuwveen
Tel. +31172536096
KvK nr. 65772296
BTW nr. NL.8562.53.480.B01

Monta TWI - The Netherlands

Nieuwveen – Schoterhoek

Monta TWI BV
Schoterhoek 16
2441 LD Nieuwveen
Tel. +31172536000
KvK nr. 28065847
BTW nr. NL.8036.62.890.B01

Monta Oosterhout - The Netherlands

Oosterhout – Krombraak

Monta Oosterhout BV
Krombraak 4
4906 CR Oosterhout
Tel. +31162748120
KvK nr. 67418708
BTW nr. NL.8569.79.119.B01

Monta Oosterhout - The Netherlands

Oosterhout XL – Denariusstraat

Monta Oosterhout XL BV
Denariusstraat 15D
4903 RC Oosterhout
Tel. +31162783007
KVK nr. 83426507
BTW nr. NL.8628.69.882.B01

Monta Oud Gastel - The Netherlands

Oud Gastel – Watermolen

Monta Oud Gastel BV
Watermolen 6
4751 VK Oud Gastel
Tel. +31165760005
KVK nr. 18070102
BTW nr. NL.8118.30.068.B01

Monta Oud Gastel - The Netherlands

Waspik – Hooiweg

Monta Oud Gastel BV
Watermolen 6
4751 VK Oud Gastel
Tel. +31165760005
KVK nr. 18070102
BTW nr. NL.8118.30.068.B01

Monta's Warehouse in Germany

Monta Krefeld - Germany

Krefeld – Märkische Strasse

Monta Krefeld GmbH
Märkische Strasse 10
47809 Krefeld
Tel. +4921519645070
HRB 19326
MwSt.-Nummer: DE357660735

Monta's Warehouse in Belgium

Monta Bornem - Belgium

Bornem – Oude Sluisweg

Monta Bornem BV
Oude Sluisweg 32
2880 Bornem
Ondernemingsnummer: BE 1007.759.823
BTW nummer: BE1007759823