DHL Supply Chain and Monta are joining forces to boost their international growth ambitions in the e-commerce sector.

  • DHL has signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in the Dutch e-commerce specialist, Monta. The deal aims to establish a strong partnership and facilitate the international expansion of Monta’s e-fulfilment services, particularly targeting small and medium-sized webshops.
  • The collaboration underscores the strategic focus of Deutsche Post DHL Group to strengthen its logistics operations and achieve long-term growth, with a particular emphasis on the rapidly expanding e-commerce and e-fulfilment activities.
  • This partnership will provide a boost to Monta’s strategic ambition of supporting its customers in their international expansion efforts.

Today, DHL Supply Chain, a part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, announced that it has acquired a majority stake in the Dutch e-commerce specialist, Monta. Both companies aim to establish a strong partnership to support small and medium-sized webshops in the areas of e-fulfilment and online sales. Through the international expansion of Monta’s logistics services, DHL will be able to better cater to the specific needs of SMEs and smaller webshops, while Monta will be able to serve its rapidly growing customer base more effectively.

Founded in 1999, Monta has rapidly become one of the largest service providers in the field of e-commerce and e-fulfilment in the Netherlands. With 1000 employees and 17 fulfilment locations, the company processed 12 million e-commerce orders in 2021, generating an annual revenue of EUR 100 million. Monta currently supports approximately 1800 rapidly growing small and medium-sized webshops and e-sellers, offering a range of software-based fulfilment services and warehouse management software.

“Monta, with its dedicated team of 1000 logistics specialists, holds a strong position in the e-commerce market. The company operates with proven processes and has an excellent track record of customer growth through the application of strategic advanced technologies such as AI, data science and collaborative robotics. Monta’s aspirations for international expansion make it a perfect match for us. We will maintain Monta’s current valued capabilities, expertise and culture while further developing them, allowing us to provide excellent customer-centric solutions in the rapidly growing e-commerce segment,” said Oscar de Bok, CEO of DHL Supply Chain.

DHL, with its global and European operations and expertise in standardising and scaling logistics processes, will quickly complement Monta’s optimal and flexible logistic expertise in e-fulfilment for small and medium-sized enterprises. The customers of both DHL and Monta will benefit from the best of both worlds – Monta’s entrepreneurial spirit that defines their way of doing business, and DHL Supply Chain’s strong international expertise, infrastructure and network.

“We want to roll out our successful business model outside the Netherlands, enabling our customers to expand internationally. Monta has recently taken its first steps across borders, resulting in international growth for several clients. The current transaction will further accelerate this development. For our people, this agreement also brings long-term career opportunities. We have been working with DHL for many years, and the two companies align well in terms of corporate culture. I am looking forward to seeing how the teams of Monta and DHL Supply Chain will shape this collaboration,” said Edwin van der Ham, owner and CEO of Monta.

“These plans exemplify our commitment to expanding our e-commerce activities in Europe and continuously providing our customers with the best fulfilment solutions. Thanks to this strong partnership with Monta, we will be able to meet the demands of small and medium-sized e-commerce customers even more effectively. I look forward to the mutual collaboration in the years to come,” said Hendrik Venter, CEO of DHL Supply Chain EMEA.

DHL Supply Chain provides customers with comprehensive solutions in logistics and data management for the management of their supply chain and e-commerce activities. Sustainability and service quality are central to their approach. The company’s global network of supply chain specialists and extensive local expertise are key assets. DHL Supply Chain employs 30,000 logistics professionals in its warehouses and transportation companies across Europe.

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