WMS – Cloud-based warehouse management system

WMS: Cloud-based warehouse management system

Discover the future of warehouse efficiency with MontaWMS, our cutting-edge cloud-based warehouse management system. Designed to revolutionise your supply chain and warehouse operations for a seamless blend of innovation and reliability, setting a new standard in inventory management and operational excellence.

WMS – Cloud-based warehouse management system

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Why choose MontaWMS

Why choose MontaWMS?

A warehouse management system is more than just software; it's the backbone of modern logistics and e-commerce efficiency.

  • Centralised control: Acts as a command centre for all warehouse activities, from inventory tracking to order fulfilment.
  • Seamless integration: Seamlessly integrates with e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, ERP systems and custom solutions, enhancing the flow of information across all channels.
  • Real-time data: It provides real-time insights into every aspect of the warehouse, ensuring timely decision-making.
  • Efficiency and accuracy: Streamlines operations, significantly reducing errors and increasing productivity.
  • Scalability: Adaptable to the growing needs of a business, WMS can handle increasing volumes without compromising performance.
  • Customer satisfaction: Directly contributes to faster delivery times and improved customer service by optimising the supply chain.

Embracing a WMS is a strategic move towards operational excellence and a more robust, responsive supply chain.

Why choose MontaWMS
Overview of Monta's cloud-based WMS system
Overview of Monta's cloud-based WMS system

Overview of Monta's cloud-based WMS system

Monta’s WMS leads the way in digitising warehouses with its comprehensive feature set.

  • Stock management: Advanced tools for real-time stock visibility, ensuring accurate inventory levels and minimising stock discrepancies.
  • Warehouse management: Streamlined warehouse operations with efficient space utilisation, optimised picking routes and automated warehouse processes.
  • Order management: Seamless handling of orders from various channels, with integrated order processing for faster and more accurate fulfilment.
  • Shipping: Robust shipping functionalities, including multi-carrier integration, automated label printing and tracking, ensuring timely and cost-effective deliveries.
  • RMA (return merchandise authorisation): Efficient handling of returns and exchanges, enhancing customer satisfaction and inventory control.
  • WCS (warehouse control system): Integration with warehouse automation for coordinated material handling, including conveyors, AutoStore systems and robotics.

Monta’s WMS excels with its cloud-based design, providing scalability and real-time insights, perfect for the evolving e-commerce world.

Top 8 benefits of implementing a WMS

Top 8 benefits of implementing a WMS

MontaWMS enhances warehouse efficiency for webshops, especially those with high order volumes. Key benefits include:

  • Boosted efficiency and turnover: Improves warehouse operations, leading to higher efficiency and turnover.
  • Real-time order flow insights: Offers live visibility into order flows, improving decision-making and resource management.
  • Effective RMA module: Integrated RMA module for efficient handling of returns.
  • Seamless integrations: Extensive compatibility with various webshop systems, marketplaces, carriers and ERP systems.
  • Rapid deployment: Quick implementation, minimising operational downtime.
  • Proven track record: Relied upon by over 1800 webshops, showcasing a tested solution for e-commerce challenges.
  • Ongoing innovation: Continuous development from a dedicated innovation centre over two decades.
  • Intelligent cloud-based software: Features smart, cloud-based software that optimises warehouse efficiency.

MontaWMS is essential for growing e-commerce businesses, reducing errors, speeding up order dispatch and improving customer satisfaction.

Top 8 benefits of implementing a WMS

What our customers say about Monta

“MontaWMS has been a huge success for us. We were among the first to put this outstanding WMS system into operation. Where necessary, we were able to quickly adapt the system to our needs.”

Raymond Vlietstra

Key Manager AkzoNobel

“Monta has long been our fulfilment partner, aiding our joint growth. They supply our stores, handle all online orders and now manage our fulfilment from Germany too. Fantastic!”

Collaboration between Pink Gellac and Monta

Sander Groenendijk

CFOO of Pink Gellac

“For us, the combination of IT and logistics was the deciding factor in choosing Monta. MontaWMS has helped us to redesign the processes where efficiency and ease of use are paramount.”

MontaWMS and BALR

Olaf Berendson

Director of Operations Balr

Features and functionalities of Monta's system
Features and functionalities of Monta's system

Features and functionalities of Monta's system

Monta’s software revolutionises warehouse operations, focusing on efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction.

  • Universal Checkout & Multi-Carrier selection: Offers a universal checkout with multi-carrier options, proven to increase conversions and streamline shipping.
  • Customised RMA portal: Features a user-friendly return merchandise authorisation portal, enhancing customer return experiences.
  • Optimised warehouse operations: Excellently manages inbound, storage and outbound functions for peak operational efficiency.
  • Core values of enthusiasm & excellence: Embedded with our commitment to high-quality products and exceptional service.

Monta’s software excels in transforming warehouse management, offering a complete solution for superior supply chain management.

Streamlining receiving and inbound process

Streamlining receiving and inbound process

Monta’s WMS transforms the inbound process in warehouses, focusing on efficiency, accuracy and user-friendliness.

Key features of Monta's inbound process:

  • Efficient product information management: Streamlines the addition of product details, such as SKU, description and barcode via automatic, manual or bulk methods.
  • Inbound forecasting: Enables creation of incoming product forecasts to prepare for new stock.
  • Simplified inbound steps: Streamlines the goods receiving process for accuracy and efficiency.
  • Cross-docking capability: Facilitates cross-docking for urgent orders, bypassing standard storage.
  • Barcode management: Generates barcodes for untagged products, ensuring trackability.
  • Location linking and suggestions: Uses intelligent data to suggest optimal storage locations.
  • Special handling for food products: Tracks batch numbers and best-before dates for food items.


Monta’s inbound process reduces errors, streamlines goods reception, optimises storage space utilisation and enhances inventory tracking from arrival, setting a new standard in warehouse management efficiency.

Streamlining receiving and inbound process
Advanced inventory management
Advanced inventory management

Advanced inventory management

Monta’s system elevates inventory management with real-time tracking and warehouse stock optimisation.

  • Management of diverse stock types: Manages different stock types, such as administrative, blocked, transit and quarantine, ensuring accurate tracking.
  • Sophisticated warehouse location system: Allows creation of specific locations for various stock types, optimising space and security.
  • Intelligent routing and relocation: Optimises the order-picking process and facilitates efficient stock relocation within the warehouse.
  • Replenishment system: Automated restocking of pick locations from bulk storage, maintaining consistent inventory flow.
  • Wholesale linking and stock sharing: Enables seamless stock sharing and transfer between retail partners.


Monta’s inventory management revolutionises stock visibility and optimisation, accelerates order fulfilment, automates replenishment and integrates wholesale operations, significantly enhancing warehouse management efficiency and accuracy.

Balr MontaWMS

"Monta is a flexible and fast partner" – iBood

"Flexibility and speed are our top priorities. When we first got in touch with Monta, we quickly felt that a partnership with them might align very well with our approach to business. And indeed, it did.

From the outset, Monta demonstrated an understanding of our dynamic needs. Their solutions were not only tailored to our specifications but also implemented with the speed and efficiency that we value. Monta’s ability to adapt and respond quickly to changes has been instrumental in keeping our operations agile and customer-centric. Their commitment to delivering timely and effective solutions has proven that we made the right choice in this partnership."

Rogier van Egmond – COO, iBood

Balr MontaWMS
Optimising order picking, packing and fulfilment

Optimising order picking, packing and fulfilment

Significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of order processing in warehouse operations. Here's how it optimises each step:

  • Versatile order creation & types: Supports multiple methods for generating orders, including webshop links, and accommodates various order types like B2B and value-added logistics.
  • Efficient picking & sorting: Utilises different picking methods such as scanner-based systems and categorises orders into streams for optimised bulk picking and sorting.
  • Streamlined packing & verification: Implements an e-check process for packing and verifying orders, along with generating packing slips and offering additional packing options like gift wrapping.
  • Enhanced order processing: Features fast lane and skip e-check options for quicker label printing and simplified processing, and effectively handles discrepancies during picking or e-checking for order accuracy.

By integrating these advanced techniques, our software streamlines the entire order fulfilment process, from picking to packing and shipping, ensuring a more efficient, accurate and customer-focused operation.

Optimising order picking, packing and fulfilment
Integrating shipping and supply chain management
Integrating shipping and supply chain management

Integrating shipping and supply chain management

Offers a comprehensive solution for integrating shipping and supply chain management, streamlining outbound logistics for enhanced efficiency. Here's a simplified overview:

  • Multiple courier service integration: Enables integration with various courier services for different shipping needs, offering flexibility to link carriers through the customer portal.
  • Flexible shipping options & process: Provides a variety of shipping options, such as home delivery and pickup locations, and uses a two-step process to select the most suitable shipper based on order size and weight.
  • Shipper selection & criteria: Prioritises shippers based on criteria such as insured value, size limits and specific requirements, ensuring the best match for each order.
  • Detailed shipper information & additional options: Offers comprehensive shipper details for informed decisions and accommodates extra shipping preferences, including insured shipping and handling of dangerous goods.

By integrating these features, our system simplifies the complexity of shipping and supply chain management and ensures flexibility, efficiency and customisation to meet the diverse needs of modern e-commerce and logistics operations.

Effective labour management

Effective labour management

Provides a suite of tools and features in the MontaPortal, designed to optimise labour management in warehouse operations, significantly impacting productivity and operational efficiency. Here's an overview:

  • Task allocation & scheduling: Advanced features for assigning tasks based on worker availability and skill, optimising efficiency by matching the right task with the right person.
  • Real-time tracking & performance analytics: Offers live tracking of activities and detailed performance analytics, enabling informed decision-making and workforce optimisation.
  • Automated workflows & ergonomic design: Reduces manual intervention through automation and incorporates ergonomic task design to minimise worker strain and enhance safety and productivity.
  • Communication tools & flexible scalability: Includes tools for effective communication and collaboration, and provides the flexibility to adapt employee management to changing business needs.

In summary, our system transforms labour management in warehouse operations by leveraging technology to optimise task allocation, enhance performance tracking, automate workflows and support worker well-being. These advancements significantly improve productivity and operational efficiency, positioning businesses for success in a competitive marketplace.

Effective labour management
Balr MontaWMS

"Outstanding experience with Monta" – Pink Gellac

"The flexibility that Monta offers us is extremely important. Very pragmatic, short lines of communication, solution-oriented thinking and collaboratively professionalising end-to-end processes through clear agreements and lean meeting structures. A very pleasant collaboration!"

Sander Groenendijk – CFOO Pink Gellac

Balr MontaWMS
Hardware solutions – Automation is the future
Hardware solutions – Automation is the future

Hardware solutions: Automation is the future

MontaWMS combines advanced software with cutting-edge hardware, focusing on automation for enhanced warehouse efficiency.

  • Versatile scanning solutions: Includes Android app-compatible hand scanners for efficient and accurate scanning in both inbound and outbound processes.
  • Innovative order picking systems: Utilises pick-to-light and put-to-light systems to guide workers to items, reducing errors and increasing picking speed.
  • Efficient sorting and movement: Features an e-check wall for streamlined sorting and packing, and employs goods lifts and roller conveyors for efficient goods movement.
  • Ergonomic and automated tools: Offers height-adjustable work tables for ergonomic task handling and integrates advanced barcode scanners, label printers and robotic systems for precision and speed in operations.

MontaWMS' hardware solutions focus on easing and speeding up work for warehouse staff, exemplified by automatic packing machines that fully automate the packing process, demonstrating the power of automation in contemporary warehouses.

Optimising operations with warehouse metrics and analytics

Optimising operations with warehouse metrics and analytics

Monta’s system transforms warehouse management with integrated real-time insights and data-driven decision-making tools:

  • Unified real-time insight system: Provides a comprehensive dashboard for a live view of all warehouse activities, including order flows and stock management.
  • MontaPortal – Central data hub: Acts as a central platform for real-time insights on various aspects like stock management, order history and return logistics.
  • Enhanced decision-making with reports: Offers clear visibility into stock levels and sales trends for proactive inventory management and informed decisions.
  • Customisable reporting and data export: Enables detailed reporting for tactical decisions and allows data management and export, facilitating regular updates and modifications.

Leverages advanced metrics and analytics to provide a comprehensive, live view of warehouse operations, aiding in strategic decision-making and enhancing operational efficiency.

Optimising operations with warehouse metrics and analytics
Exploring different types of warehouse management systems
Exploring different types of warehouse management systems

Exploring different types of warehouse management systems

Warehouse management systems (WMS) are essential for optimising operations, with different types catering to various business needs:

  • Standalone systems: Basic WMS solutions, ideal for small to medium businesses needing simple, cost-effective management.
  • Supply chain execution systems: More comprehensive, integrating warehouse management with other supply chain functions, suitable for broader supply chain management.
  • Cloud-based systems: Hosted on the cloud for scalability and reduced IT costs, perfect for businesses seeking low initial investment and easy growth.
  • Integrated ERP systems: Part of a larger enterprise resource planning system, best for seamless integration with other business processes.
  • Advanced WMS with automation and AI: Feature-rich systems using automation and AI, designed for large enterprises with complex, high-volume operations.

Monta’s WMS is versatile and comprehensive, fitting various business sizes and requirements, from basic warehouse functions to integrated supply chain management.

Balr MontaWMS

"MontaWMS truly takes you further" – Balr

"For us, the combination of IT and logistics was decisive in choosing MontaWMS. MontaWMS has helped us in setting up processes with ease of use as a priority. Their expertise and innovative solutions have streamlined our workflow, increasing efficiency and ultimately contributing to the growth and success of our operations."

Olaf Berendson – Director of Operations at Balr

Balr MontaWMS
Implementation of smart warehousing technology at work

Implementation: Smart warehousing technology at work

Our comprehensive process ensures a seamless transition to an advanced warehouse management system, essential for e-commerce and B2B enterprises. The five-step process includes:

  1. Assessment: This initial phase includes an on-site visit to understand the warehouse environment, the working people, and the existing software and hardware.
  2. Customisation: gathers detailed information about the client's goals, needs and specific requirements to tailor the WMS accordingly.
  3. Testing: Before going live, the system undergoes extensive testing to ensure all connections and functionalities are error-free.
  4. Go-live: On the scheduled go-live date, our software officially powers the warehouse, with on-site support to ensure a smooth transition.
  5. Follow-up: Post-implementation, we remain involved to address any questions and provide advice.

This implementation focuses on automating processes for enhanced efficiency and scalability, particularly benefiting high-volume B2C and B2B operations.

Implementation of smart warehousing technology at work
Branches and benefits
Branches and benefits

Branches and benefits

Our software is transforming logistics and supply chain management across multiple sectors:

  • Clothing and fashion: Efficiently manages fashion logistics, catering to seasonal demands.
  • Cosmetics and personal care: Tailored for cosmetics inventory management and rapid fulfilment.
  • Food and beverages: Addresses perishable goods management and health compliance.
  • Paint and decor: Manages diverse paint and decor inventory, including large items.
  • Sports and health: Optimises storage and distribution for sports and health products.
  • Home and garden: Efficiently handles a wide range of home and garden products.
  • Electronics: Supports precise inventory tracking in the fast-paced electronics sector.
  • Home and kids products: Balances fast processing with care for delicate items.
  • B2B sector: Enhances B2B operations with data-driven efficiency and integration.

Our software demonstrates versatility across industries, streamlining warehouse operations and improving business efficiency.

Act now – Elevate your warehouse operations

Act now: Elevate your warehouse operations

Our software offers a versatile, analytics-driven WMS tailored to various industries, ensuring efficient and precise management for sectors like fashion, electronics and food and beverages. Key advantages of MontaWMS include:

  • Scalability: Adapts to businesses of all sizes, seamlessly supporting growth and expansion.
  • Integration: Offers robust integration capabilities with various systems, streamlining your operations.
  • Advanced features: Equipped with live analytics for informed decision-making.
  • Customisation: Tailored solutions to fit unique business processes and requirements.
  • Industry-specific solutions: Expertise across multiple sectors, ensuring a deep understanding of your specific challenges and needs.

Explore how MontaWMS can revolutionise your business operations. Contact us for more information, a free demo or expert consultation. Let MontaWMS drive your operational success.

Act now – Elevate your warehouse operations

Frequently asked questions about WMS

What are the six critical elements of WMS?

A comprehensive warehouse management system, encompasses six essential elements to optimise warehouse operations: 
- Inventory management: Provides real-time tracking and visibility of inventory levels, ensuring accurate stock counts and minimising discrepancies. 
- Order management: Streamlining order processing, we efficiently handle order fulfilment, from picking to shipping, enhancing customer satisfaction. 
- Labour management: The system optimises workforce allocation and productivity, ensuring efficient use of human resources in warehouse management 
- Financial management and reporting: Offers robust integrations for financial tracking and reporting capabilities, aiding in budgeting, cost control and financial planning. 
- Risk management and forecasting: By analysing historical data, MontaWMS helps predict future trends and mitigate potential risks in warehouse operations. 
- Supply chain integration: Seamlessly integrating with the broader supply chain, we ensure a cohesive and efficient flow of goods from suppliers to customers. 

What are the four types of WMS?

There are four primary types of warehouse management system, offering tailored solutions for diverse needs: 
- Standalone system: Standalone version focusing on core warehouse management functions, ideal for businesses seeking a specialised, independent solution. 
- Cloud-based system: Leveraging cloud technology, we offer accessibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness, facilitating remote management and live data access. 
- ERP integrated system: Integrates seamlessly with existing ERP systems, providing a unified platform for warehouse management alongside other business processes. 
- Supply chain modules: As part of a comprehensive supply chain solution, we interact with other modules, ensuring smooth end-to-end logistics management. 

What are the challenges of WMS? 

Addresses the top challenges in warehouse management, offering practical solutions: 
- Inaccurate inventory information: Ensures precise inventory tracking, reducing discrepancies and enhancing stock visibility. 
- Inefficient space utilisation: The system optimises warehouse layout and storage, maximising space efficiency. 
- Improper task management: Enhances workforce productivity through effective labour allocation and performance tracking. 
- Adapting to seasonal demand: The system's forecasting tools help anticipate and prepare for seasonal fluctuations. 
- Substandard picking process: Streamlines the picking process, reducing errors and improving order fulfilment speed. 
- Flawed order management: The system ensures accurate and efficient order processing, from receipt to delivery. 
- Managing heaps of data: Offers robust data management and analytics capabilities, turning vast data into actionable insights. 

What are the latest trends in WMS? 

- Robotics and automation: Integrates with robotic systems, automating repetitive tasks and enhancing efficiency. 
- Inventory transportation: The system optimises inventory movement within the warehouse, ensuring timely and accurate stock placement. 
- Fleet management: Includes tools for managing transportation assets, improving delivery schedules and vehicle utilisation. 
- Internet of Things (IoT): Leveraging IoT technology, we enhance live tracking and monitoring of warehouse operations, improving decision-making and operational efficiency.