Asendia integration

Asendia integration

Do you value carbon-neutral delivery and a professional approach in the realm of e-commerce? If so, Monta's Asendia integration is the solution you've been searching for. With the rise of e-commerce trends, sustainable packaging and efficient warehouse management, Monta stands out as a pioneer in offering top-notch services that cater to modern business needs.

Asendia integration

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Asendia integration – Seamless fusion with Monta
Asendia integration – Seamless fusion with Monta

Asendia integration: Seamless fusion with Monta

Asendia is a renowned company that provides international mail, parcel and e-commerce solutions to businesses worldwide. Established in 2012 as a joint venture between La Poste (the French postal service) and Swiss Post (the Swiss postal service), Asendia has its headquarters in Switzerland and operates in a variety of countries globally. Monta, recognising the potential of Asendia, has developed a standard integration, allowing seamless order processing and direct shipping with this carrier.

How to integrate Asendia for optimal e-commerce solutions

How to integrate Asendia for optimal e-commerce solutions

Monta’s IT specialists have crafted numerous integrations, and one of these integrations is with Asendia, ensuring easy synchronisation of orders between Monta’s warehouse management system and Asendia. This integration offers:

  • International deliveries by Asendia to over 200 destinations.
  • Short delivery times both domestically and internationally.
  • Flexible delivery options tailored to the recipient.
  • Carbon-neutral delivery and distribution emphasising sustainability.
  • Comprehensive track & trace for package and freight shipments.
How to integrate Asendia for optimal e-commerce solutions

What our customers say about Monta

“MontaWMS has been a huge success for us. We were among the first to put this outstanding WMS system into operation. Where necessary, we were able to quickly adapt the system to our needs.”

Raymond Vlietstra

Key Manager AkzoNobel

“Monta has long been our fulfilment partner, aiding our joint growth. They supply our stores, handle all online orders and now manage our fulfilment from Germany too. Fantastic!”

Collaboration between Pink Gellac and Monta

Sander Groenendijk

CFOO of Pink Gellac

“For us, the combination of IT and logistics was the deciding factor in choosing Monta. MontaWMS has helped us to redesign the processes where efficiency and ease of use are paramount.”

MontaWMS and BALR

Olaf Berendson

Director of Operations Balr

Track your orders – The power of Asendia shipping integration
Track your orders – The power of Asendia shipping integration

Track your orders: The power of Asendia shipping integration

Asendia presents a diverse range of shipping services, each tailored to cater to the specific needs of online stores:

  • E-PAQ Standard: This is Asendia's primary offering, ideal for shipments weighing up to 2 kg. It provides global reach and is the most economical choice, especially for items of lesser value. It comes with a basic track & trace feature.
  • E-PAQ Plus: Designed for businesses that value detailed tracking, this option offers a more extensive track & trace capability without breaking the bank.
  • E-PAQ Select: If speed is of the essence, this service ensures swift deliveries to significant logistics hubs worldwide, complemented by an enhanced track & trace feature.
  • E-PAQ Elite: The pinnacle of Asendia's  shipping solutions, this service promises the quickest and most comprehensive delivery experience, making it perfect for heavier packages.

Choose the exemplary service based on your business needs and ensure your customers receive their packages promptly and efficiently.

Monta's all-in fulfilment services and benefits

Monta's all-in fulfilment services and benefits

Monta's all-in fulfilment services are a game-changer for e-commerce businesses:

  • Strategic European warehouses: With multiple locations across Europe, Monta ensures efficient storage and quicker deliveries, reducing shipping costs.
  • Consistent reliability: Since 1999, Monta has boasted a 99.98% reliability rate, reflecting its unwavering commitment to excellence.
  • Global reach: Beyond Europe, Monta offers worldwide shipping, allowing businesses to tap into new markets seamlessly.

By leveraging Monta's all-in fulfilment, webshops can shift their focus to growth, leaving the complexities of fulfilment in Monta's capable hands.

Monta's all-in fulfilment services and benefits

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MontaWMS and Asendia – The perfect parcel partnership
MontaWMS and Asendia – The perfect parcel partnership

MontaWMS and Asendia: The perfect parcel partnership

For an e-commerce business with a self-managed warehouse, efficient management is paramount. MontaWMS, in collaboration with Asendia, offers an integrated solution beyond traditional warehouse management, ensuring that every parcel is handled with precision and care.

  • Walking paths: MontaWMS incorporates intelligent walking paths, ensuring warehouse staff can move efficiently, reducing time spent locating items and speeding up the order fulfilment process.
  • Warehouse configurator: Space is a premium in any warehouse. With MontaWMS's warehouse configurator, businesses can maximise their storage space, ensuring optimal utilisation of every square inch.
  • Shopping cart management: Catering specifically to shippers, this feature ensures that orders are processed smoothly, reducing the chances of errors and ensuring customers receive the right products.
  • Data-driven purchasing advice: In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, making informed purchasing decisions is crucial. MontaWMS offers insights based on real-time data, helping businesses stock up on in-demand products.
  • Comprehensive support: MontaWMS ensures that every aspect of the shipping process is covered, from dropshipping to handling returns through RMA modules.
  • Advanced tools: With features like track & trace, ERP software integration and data analysis tools, MontaWMS provides a holistic view of the warehouse operations, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

By integrating MontaWMS with Asendia's robust shipping solutions, webshops are equipped with a powerful toolset, ensuring that every domestic or international parcel is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

MontaWMS: Your Solution to an Optimized Warehouse

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MontaPortal benefits

MontaPortal benefits:

The MontaPortal is more than just a digital interface; it's a comprehensive tool designed to empower webshops, providing them with real-time insights and control over their operations.

  • Comprehensive order overview: At a glance, businesses can view the status of all orders, ensuring they're always in the loop about their shipments and deliveries.
  • Dynamic forecasting: With the MontaPortal, businesses benefit from dynamic forecasting. This feature allows them to predict sales trends, helping them understand when they might experience spikes or dips in product demand. Such insights are invaluable in making informed purchasing decisions.
  • Tactical decision-making: The MontaPortal's detailed report information offers a deep dive into various aspects of the business, from packing and shipping to returns. This data-driven approach ensures firms have all the information they need to make tactical decisions that drive growth and efficiency.
  • Flexibility and control: Businesses can independently adjust settings, enter B2B orders, delete or modify back orders, and more. This level of control ensures they can quickly adapt to changing needs or market conditions.
  • Preferred shipping options: The MontaPortal allows businesses to select their preferred shipping options, which Monta then implements instantly, ensuring a seamless fulfilment process.
  • Data export: For those who prefer a more hands-on approach to data analysis, the MontaPortal can email all the information as an Excel file, daily or hourly, based on the business' preference.

In essence, the MontaPortal is not just a platform; it's a strategic ally, ensuring businesses have the tools and insights they need to thrive in the competitive world of e-commerce.

MontaPortal benefits
Elevate your webshop operations with Monta's unparalleled services.
Elevate your webshop operations with Monta's unparalleled services.

Take the next step with Monta

Elevate your webshop operations with Monta's unparalleled services. Monta supports your growth, whether you want to streamline your warehouse management, optimise shipping, or all-in fulfilment.

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Frequently asked questions about Asendia integration

What does Asendia deliver?

When you ship with Asendia through Monta's integrated platform, the destination country often determines the final delivery. While the local postal service typically manages delivery, there are instances where Asendia, in collaboration with Monta, utilises other in-country carriers to ensure timely and efficient delivery.

How does Asendia work?

Asendia, in partnership with Monta, collects, consolidates and processes mail and parcels. After managing customs clearance, shipments are handed over to select final-mile delivery partners in each destination country. Monta's advanced technology further enhances this process, allowing businesses to access each service and track their shipments seamlessly and efficiently.

Is Asendia a DPD service?

No, but Asendia's e-PAQ Elite service, powered in Europe by DPD and integrated into Monta's platform, provides retailers with a premium delivery service. This service is based on a swift and fully-tracked solution, leveraging the extensive DPD group delivery network.

How long does Asendia international shipping take?

With Monta's optimised integration, Asendia offers international shipping times ranging from 3-15 business days. The exact duration is contingent on the chosen service and the route's distance, ensuring that businesses can consistently meet their customers' expectations.