The pick-to-light system by MontaWMS unleashes unparalleled efficiency in warehouse operations, offering a light-directed solution that accelerates the picking process while maintaining impeccable accuracy. This system is a game-changer for businesses seeking to optimise order fulfilment and elevate their productivity to new heights, integrating seamlessly with existing warehouse management systems.


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Introduction to pick-to-light: Revolutionising order fulfilment

Pick-to-light: Revolutionising order fulfilment

Transform your warehouse operations with an efficient pick-to-light system, where light-directed picking leads to faster, more accurate order assembly, enhancing warehouse picking and reducing picking errors.

  • Streamlined accuracy: Light indicators at pick locations minimise errors, ensuring that each item is precisely selected and accounted for and improving picking accuracy.
  • Seamless integration: This system harmoniously melds with existing workflows, including conveyor systems and automated systems, simplifying complex tasks into efficient, straightforward actions.
  • Eco-friendly picking: Embrace a greener operation with a paperless picking system that reduces waste and enhances picking speed.
  • Quick onboarding: New team members can quickly adapt to the system, thanks to its intuitive design and clear visual prompts, reducing the time needed for training.
  • Enhanced productivity: Ideal for small, high-velocity items, the system boosts turnover rates, keeping your operations in step with market demands and increasing pick rate productivity.

Adopt a pick-to-light solution that balances speed and precision, driving your warehouse's productivity to new heights and integrating with your existing warehouse management system.

Introduction to pick-to-light: Revolutionising order fulfilment
How does a pick-to-light system work? Unveiling MontaWMS's technology
How does a pick-to-light system work? Unveiling MontaWMS's technology

How does a pick-to-light system work? Unveiling MontaWMS's technology

MontaWMS's pick-to-light system streamlines the picking process, utilising advanced technology to enhance order verification and fulfilment, and is a key part of automated warehouse solutions.

  • Intelligent order recognition: The system identifies the need for products to be picked via the pick-to-light rack, ensuring accurate order storage and retrieval.
  • Real-time order monitoring: A monitor displays the number of orders pending, allowing for efficient tracking and management of the picking process.
  • Simplified user interaction: Operators scan a crate, and the system assigns an order, indicating the quantity to pick on the display.
  • Error-proof picking: Users collect the specified number of products, confirm the action with a button press and place them in the crate, reducing the chance of errors.
  • Continuous workflow: After processing one crate, the user scans the next, maintaining a consistent and productive workflow until all orders are complete.

MontaWMS's pick-to-light system is designed for simplicity and accuracy, ensuring that each step of the order-picking process is clear, concise and correct, employing alphanumeric displays and buttons at storage locations to guide operators.

The role of a pick-to-light system in streamlining the picking process

The role of a pick-to-light system in streamlining the picking process

MontaWMS's pick-to-light system is a game-changer in the picking process, tailored to meet the demands of modern warehouse operations, and is a significant part of warehouse automation.

  • Customisation for product types: The system can be customised for different product types, from small cosmetics to large garments, ensuring efficiency across various inventory sizes.
  • Data-driven configuration: After on-site assessments and data analysis of orders, MontaWMS provides tailored advice on the most suitable pick-to-light system configuration.
  • Optimised layout with heatmaps: Utilise the MontaPortal to access a pick-to-light heatmap, which displays picking frequency by location, allowing for strategic placement of high-velocity items.
  • Flexible design: The system's design considers the number of lights, compartment sizes and replenishment strategies to fit the unique needs of your warehouse.
  • Efficiency in replenishment: The system facilitates picking and aids in efficient replenishment, ensuring that the most frequently picked items are always stocked and accessible.

By integrating MontaWMS's pick-to-light system, warehouses can significantly enhance the picking process, leading to a more organised, efficient and productive operation. They can be integrated to an ERP system for further efficiency.

The role of a pick-to-light system in streamlining the picking process

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Maximising productivity with MontaWMS's pick-to-light system
Maximising productivity with MontaWMS's pick-to-light system

Maximising productivity with MontaWMS's pick-to-light system

MontaWMS's pick-to-light system is a powerhouse for boosting productivity in warehouse operations, offering a software solution that employs light devices mounted at storage locations.

  • Streamlined picking: The system reduces the time spent on picking, allowing workers to move swiftly and accurately from one pick location to the next.
  • Error reduction: With clear visual cues, MontaWMS's pick-to-light minimises the chances of picking errors, ensuring that the correct items are always selected.
  • Training efficiency: New workers can be onboarded quickly, as the system's intuitive design makes the learning process straightforward and fast.
  • Real-time data: Managers receive real-time data on picking activities, enabling them to make informed decisions to enhance productivity.
  • Customer satisfaction: Faster and more accurate picking leads to quicker order fulfilment and higher customer satisfaction rates.

Implementing MontaWMS's pick-to-light system transforms the warehouse floor into a high-efficiency environment where productivity gains are not just possible but expected. It can easily integrate with a host system for comprehensive management.

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"MontaWMS truly takes you further" – Balr

"For us, the combination of IT and logistics was decisive in choosing MontaWMS. MontaWMS has helped us in setting up processes with ease of use as a priority. Their expertise and innovative solutions have streamlined our workflow, increasing efficiency and ultimately contributing to the growth and success of our operations."

Olaf Berendson – Director of Operations at Balr

Balr MontaWMS
Comparing pick-to-light and put-to-light: MontaWMS's integrated solutions
Comparing pick-to-light and put-to-light: MontaWMS's integrated solutions

Comparing pick-to-light and put-to-light: MontaWMS's integrated solutions

MontaWMS provides integrated solutions that harness the strengths of both put-to-light and pick-to-light systems for superior warehouse management, including light-directed picking and sorting.

  • Efficiency in sorting: Put to light systems excel in sorting bulk items into individual orders, while pick-to-light systems streamline the retrieval of items for order fulfilment.
  • Enhanced accuracy: Both systems offer visual guidance to reduce errors, with put-to-light ensuring accurate order consolidation and pick-to-light facilitating precise item picking.
  • Scalability: MontaWMS's solutions are scalable, allowing for the integration of both systems to handle increased volume during peak seasons.
  • Flexibility: With MontaWMS, businesses can leverage either system independently or combine them for a comprehensive approach to order processing.
  • Data analytics: Integrated systems provide valuable data analytics, enabling continuous improvement in warehouse operations.

By comparing and integrating put-to-light and pick-to-light, MontaWMS offers a versatile solution that adapts to diverse warehousing.

Why use a pick-to-light system? MontaWMS's approach to streamlined operations

Why use a pick-to-light system? MontaWMS's approach to streamlined operations

MontaWMS's pick-to-light system is a versatile tool that adapts to diverse industry needs, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in warehouse operations. It is essential for light-directed order picking.

  • Fashion and apparel: MontaWMS ensures rapid processing and adaptability to seasonal trends in the fast-paced fashion world, making it indispensable for clothing and fashion warehouses.
  • Cosmetics and personal care: Precision is vital in the cosmetics industry, and MontaWMS's system delivers by ensuring accurate order fulfilment, which is crucial for maintaining brand integrity and customer satisfaction.
  • Food and beverage: Where strict health standards and perishable items are involved, MontaWMS's pick-to-light system helps maintain product integrity and streamline the supply chain in the food and beverage industry.
  • DIY and home improvement: From paints to wallpapers, MontaWMS's system manages a diverse inventory, ensuring that home improvement products are efficiently sorted and shipped.
  • Electronics: The electronics sector benefits from MontaWMS's ability to handle rapid product turnover and complex inventory, ensuring that the latest gadgets reach consumers swiftly.

MontaWMS's pick-to-light system is not just a tool but a transformative solution for industries ranging from fashion to electronics, proving its worth as a catalyst for streamlined, efficient operations. It can be a part of many pick-to-light applications.

Why use a pick-to-light system? MontaWMS's approach to streamlined operations
Light directed sorting: The future of warehouse management with MontaWMS
Light directed sorting: The future of warehouse management with MontaWMS

Light directed sorting: The future of warehouse management with MontaWMS

MontaWMS is pioneering the future of warehouse management with innovative light-directed sorting technologies that promise to redefine efficiency, including light and put-to-light systems.

  • Emerging trends: MontaWMS stays ahead by embracing cutting-edge light-directed sorting trends, ensuring warehouses operate at peak efficiency with minimal errors.
  • Customisation and flexibility: Future developments include customisable light solutions tailored to specific warehouse needs, from small-scale operations to large distribution centres.
  • Integration with AI: MontaWMS is exploring the integration of AI to predict and manage warehouse flows, further enhancing the precision of light-directed sorting.
  • Sustainability: Advancements in energy-efficient lighting and motion-activated systems are on the horizon, aligning with MontaWMS's commitment to sustainable warehouse management.

MontaWMS is not just keeping pace with the future of light-directed sorting; it's actively shaping it, ensuring that warehouses remain agile, efficient and ready for tomorrow's challenges. It can be a part of an integrated put-to-light system.

Experience the future of order fulfilment with MontaWMS

Experience the future of order fulfilment with MontaWMS

Ready to transform your warehouse operations with the cutting-edge efficiency of MontaWMS's pick-to-light system? Take the first step towards unparalleled productivity and accuracy in your order fulfilment process.

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Experience the future of order fulfilment with MontaWMS

Frequently asked questions about pick-to-light

What is pick-to-light?

A pick-to-light system, as implemented by MontaWMS, is a streamlined order-picking solution that enhances efficiency in warehouses and distribution centres. It employs intuitive lights and LED displays to direct the picking process, ensuring accuracy and speed. This technology is a key component of MontaWMS's commitment to optimising warehouse operations through smart, user-friendly interfaces and is a staple in the pick-to-light process.

What is pick-to-light productivity?

Pick to light productivity refers to the significant efficiency gains achieved through MontaWMS's pick-to-light systems. These systems enhance productivity by reducing the time spent by operators on walking and manual data entry, thanks to their intuitive light-guided picking. This leads to faster order processing, decreased labour costs, and more accurate record-keeping, all contributing to a leaner and more responsive warehouse operation and is a benefit of pick-to-light systems.

What is the best pick-to-light system?

MontaWMS's pick-to-light system is often lauded as one of the best on the market, offering unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Its user-friendly interface and robust technology streamline the picking process, making it a top choice for businesses looking to optimise their warehouse operations with a reliable and advanced pick-to-light solution. And is considered a best-of-breed pick-to-light system.

How accurate is pick-to-light?

MontaWMS's pick-to-light system boasts a remarkable accuracy rate of 99.9%, ensuring that picking and sorting tasks are performed with near-perfect precision. This level of reliability is pivotal in reducing errors and streamlining warehouse operations, making it a trusted solution for businesses aiming for excellence in their fulfilment processes.