The Netherlands: Your e-commerce hub in Europe

  • Central location: Reach 244 million EU consumers within 1000 km.
  • Top-notch infrastructure: Airports, seaports and high-speed networks for fast deliveries.
  • Business-friendly environment: Streamlined customs and strong logistics base.
  • E-commerce expertise: Proven track record and skilled logistics providers.
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Why big e-commerce brands choose the Netherlands: A look at the advantages

This comprehensive guide dives into the factors that make the Netherlands a magnet for big e-commerce brands seeking European expansion.

Prime location and savvy consumers:

Discover how the Netherlands' central location and affluent population make it an attractive market. (Read more)

Logistics powerhouse beyond borders:

Explore the Netherlands' top-ranked logistics infrastructure, ideal for efficient fulfilment across Europe. (Read more)

The Netherlands: A VAT-friendly place for e-commerce success

Discover the benefits of the Netherlands' VAT system, ranked best in the EU for e-commerce businesses. (Read more)

Optimising for success:

Ensure a seamless customer experience in the Netherlands with the best fulfilment solutions, local heroes and last-mile delivery strategies. (Read more)

Building trust and capturing the market:

Gain the trust of Dutch consumers through preferred payment methods and positive online reviews to capture your share of the market. (Read more)

E-commerce with a green focus:

Explore the booming Dutch e-commerce market and the growing consumer preference for sustainable delivery options. (Read more)

E-commerce facts about the Netherlands

The Netherlands boasts a booming e-commerce market with a rapidly growing number of online stores and strong consumer spending,
making it an attractive destination for cross-border e-commerce businesses.


The number of webshops in the Netherlands has grown to 94,570 in the first quarter of 2024, showcasing a thriving e-commerce landscape.

€16.3 billion
E-commerce market size

Dutch consumer spending online reached €16.3 billion in the first half of 2023, with a projected total of €34.7 billion for the entire year.

Average consumer spending online

On average, Dutch residents spend €2,513 annually on online shopping.

Largest online category

Fashion remains the dominant category with 21,470 webshops, followed by home & garden, food and leisure articles.

Average order value

In 2023, the average order value was approximately €95.1, calculated by dividing total online spending (€34.7 billion) by the estimated number of orders (365 million).

Returned online purchases

On average, 20% of all online purchases are returned. Clothing returns are more common. Return rates of 30% are not exceptional, with outliers sometimes as high as 40-50%.

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The Netherlands – A thriving hub for your cross-border e-commerce business
The Netherlands – A thriving hub for your cross-border e-commerce business

The Netherlands: A thriving hub for your cross-border e-commerce business

The Netherlands presents a compelling opportunity for businesses looking to expand their reach in Europe. Here's why:

  • Strategic location and affluent consumers: Situated in the heart of Europe and with a population of nearly 18 million, the Netherlands offers access to a central market and major consumer hubs. Furthermore, the Dutch population boasts a high level of education and disposable income, making them attractive customers for your online store.
  • Robust and growing market: The Dutch e-commerce market is flourishing, with a projected total spend of €34.7 billion in 2023. This translates to significant revenue potential for cross-border sellers.
  • Business-friendly environment: The Netherlands is known for its pro-business government and efficient infrastructure. This supportive environment streamlines the process of setting up and operating your e-commerce business.
  • Dominant market share: The Netherlands captures a noteworthy 5% of the entire European e-commerce market, solidifying its position as a key player in the region.
Beyond market potential – A logistics powerhouse

Beyond market potential: A logistics powerhouse

The Netherlands is more than just a vibrant market. Its robust logistics infrastructure also offers significant advantages for e-commerce fulfilment:

  • Top-ranked quality: Dutch fulfilment centres, particularly those inland, consistently rank highly for quality. This stems from excellent infrastructure (roads, railways, waterways), flexible labour regulations and proximity to major markets.
  • Competitive costs: The Netherlands strikes a perfect balance between affordability and quality. While some Eastern European locations offer lower labour costs, they may compromise on efficiency. The Netherlands provides a cost-effective solution while maintaining high standards.
  • Centralised location: The Netherlands offers strategic positioning within Europe, with easy access to major consumer markets like Germany, France and the UK (all reachable by road within hours) and efficient connections to most European countries within 1–3 days via regular transportation. This advantage is further bolstered by having two of Europe's largest container ports (Rotterdam and Antwerp), Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (second-best connected globally) and key integrator air hubs for UPS and FedEx/TNT.

By combining a thriving e-commerce market with a top-tier logistics network, the Netherlands presents a golden opportunity for cross-border e-commerce businesses to expand their reach and achieve success in Europe.

Beyond market potential – A logistics powerhouse

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The Netherlands – A VAT-friendly powerhouse for e-commerce success
The Netherlands – A VAT-friendly powerhouse for e-commerce success

The Netherlands: Streamlined VAT for your cross-border e-commerce success

The Netherlands is a champion for efficient VAT (Value Added Tax) implementation, making it a prime location for cross-border e-commerce businesses. Here's how it benefits you:

  • Top-ranked VAT system: Deloitte acknowledges the Netherlands as having the most business-friendly VAT system in the EU (index score of 14 out of 15).
  • VAT deferment at import: Reduces administrative burden and improves cash flow by delaying VAT payment until your sales report. (article 23)
  • Fiscal representative option: Operate a local fulfilment centre without needing a separate European entity.
  • Destination country VAT: Apply the Dutch VAT rate for B2C sales to other EU countries, simplifying calculations.
  • Stable business environment: The Netherlands offers economic and political stability, ideal for long-term planning.

By choosing the Netherlands as your e-commerce hub, you can benefit from a business-friendly VAT system, simplified compliance options and a strategic location for reaching all of Europe efficiently.

Choosing your platform – Marketplaces and e-commerce solutions in the Netherlands

Choosing your platform: Marketplaces and e-commerce solutions in the Netherlands

To navigate the Dutch e-commerce landscape, consider both established marketplaces and independent e-commerce platform options:


  • The dominant player with over 2.5 million daily visitors, ideal for broad reach.
  • A classifieds platform for businesses and individuals.
  • The global giant also has a presence in the Netherlands.

E-commerce platforms:

  • WooCommerce (17.64%) - Popular WordPress plugin offering flexibility and customisation.
  • Magento (15.97%) - Robust platform for large webshops with scalability and advanced features.
  • Lightspeed (11.31%) - User-friendly Dutch platform focusing on marketing and conversion optimisation.
  • Shopify (10.86%) - All-in-one solution with a user-friendly interface and built-in features.
  • Other options: OpenCart, MijnWebwinkel, CCV shop, Prestashop, Wix, Wix eCommerce, Ecwid (consider these based on your specific needs).
Choosing your platform – Marketplaces and e-commerce solutions in the Netherlands

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Optimising your cross-border e-commerce operations in the Netherlands
Optimising your cross-border e-commerce operations in the Netherlands

Optimising your cross-border e-commerce operations in the Netherlands

Ensuring seamless fulfilment and a positive customer experience is crucial for success in the Dutch e-commerce market.

Local heroes:

  • PostNL (38.15%): Netherlands' largest carrier offering domestic and international shipping.
  • DHL (20.33%): Global leader with a strong presence in the Netherlands.
  • Additional options: Consider DPD, UPS and GLS for specific needs.

Sustainable last-mile delivery:

  • Cycloon Cater to environmentally conscious consumers by offering options like bicycle couriers in major cities.

Same-day deliveries:

  • Trunkrs, which specialises in same-day deliveries, promises a fast and reliable service with the help of advanced technology and smart logistics solutions.
Capturing the Dutch market – Payments and building trust

Capturing the Dutch market: Payments and building trust

Understanding payment preferences:

  • Overwhelming iDEAL usage: Dutch consumers heavily favour iDEAL (72%) for online purchases.
  • Credit cards as a secondary option: Credit cards hold a smaller share (8%) but see increased use in cross-border transactions (25%).
  • Cater to both preferences: Offering both iDEAL and credit card options provides flexibility for domestic and international customers.

Building trust with reviews:

  • Power of online reviews: Online reviews hold a significant influence, with nearly 80% of Dutch consumers checking them before buying.
  • Negative reviews can deter sales: Almost 50% of consumers might abandon purchases due to negative reviews.
  • Cultivate positive reviews: Prioritise positive customer experiences and actively manage your online reputation.
  • Solicit authentic reviews: Implement verified purchase programs and respond thoughtfully to all feedback, both positive and negative.

By understanding these key factors, you can establish trust and encourage conversions within the Dutch e-commerce market.

Capturing the Dutch market – Payments and building trust

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A thriving e-commerce market with a green focus
A thriving e-commerce market with a green focus

A thriving e-commerce market with a green focus

The future of e-commerce in the Netherlands is bright! Here's a glimpse into what's ahead:

  • Market growth trajectory: The Dutch e-commerce market is projected to reach a staggering €52.16 billion by 2029, fuelled by a continuous increase in digitisation and a rapidly expanding online consumer base.
  • Favourable business environment: With a robust digital infrastructure, the Netherlands remains a highly attractive market for e-commerce businesses.

Sustainability: A growing priority

Dutch consumers are increasingly environmentally conscious, with approximately 56% factoring sustainability into their purchasing decisions. This trend translates into:

  • Demand for sustainable deliveries: Consumers are showing interest in eco-friendly options like carbon-neutral fleets, bicycle deliveries and click-and-collect models.
  • Transparency matters: As more online stores and carriers offer sustainable delivery options, transparent communication regarding CO2 emissions and measurement practices across the sector is becoming crucial.

By understanding these trends and prioritising sustainability, you can tap into the thriving Dutch e-commerce market effectively and resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.

Take action – Launch your Dutch e-commerce success story with Monta

Take action: Launch your Dutch e-commerce success story with Monta

The Netherlands offers a thriving e-commerce landscape with a bright future and a growing focus on sustainability. Are you ready to capture a slice of this exciting market?

Monta, the leading e-commerce WMS and fulfilment provider, can be your trusted partner for Dutch e-commerce success.

Our robust platform streamlines operations, optimises fulfilment and ensures a seamless customer experience – all while keeping sustainability at the forefront. Leverage Monta's expertise to:

  • Manage your Dutch and cross-border order processing efficiently.
  • Offer eco-friendly delivery options that resonate with consumers.
  • Gain valuable insights to optimise your cross-border strategy.

Don't wait! Contact Monta today and unlock the full potential of the Dutch e-commerce market. Reach out to our team to discuss your specific needs and start your journey to success in the Netherlands.

Together, let's build a thriving and sustainable e-commerce future!

Take action – Launch your Dutch E-commerce story with Monta

Frequently asked questions

What e-commerce services does Monta offer in the Netherlands?

Monta provides comprehensive fulfilment services, including goods receipt, warehousing, order processing, packaging, shipping and return logistics. Additionally, Monta offers a robust warehouse management system (WMS) with software and hardware solutions tailored to optimise warehouse operations.

How can Monta help my business with cross-border e-commerce in the Netherlands?

Monta simplifies cross-border e-commerce with multi-warehousing and line-haul solutions, ensuring efficient distribution across Europe. The strategic location and excellent logistics infrastructure of the Netherlands enable fast deliveries and access to a large consumer base.

What are the integration options available with Monta?

Monta supports a wide range of integrations, including major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce, as well as international marketplaces such as Amazon and Monta also integrates with various carriers and ERP systems to streamline your operations.

How does Monta support sustainable e-commerce practices?

Monta is committed to sustainability by offering eco-friendly delivery options, such as carbon-neutral fleets and bicycle couriers. The company also emphasises transparent communication about CO2 emissions, helping businesses meet the growing consumer demand for sustainable practices.

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