VerpackG, LUCID, EPR registration and Dual Systems: What? Monta explains the meaning of the German Packaging Act.

If you’re planning to sell products in Germany, it’s essential to be familiar with the VerpackG, the German Packaging Act. Various additional terms are involved, such as EPR registration, LUCID and Dual Systems. But what do they all mean?

The VerpackG legislation and related registration processes are designed to minimise the environmental impact of packaging and contribute to a more sustainable future. This article will help you understand how to participate in a dual system, how to register on the LUCID Packaging Register and what your next steps should be.

The German Packaging Act (VerpackG)

VerpackG is a German packaging law that came into effect in January 2019, requiring companies to participate in a so-called dual system. The purpose of this legislation is to ensure that all packaging used within Germany is registered and that the packaging is processed and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

The obligation to register applies to the first party that introduces the packaging into the German market. If you have a webshop and send orders to consumers, you are always subject to an obligation to register with regard to your packaging. Note: In the event that you receive products pre-packaged from your supplier and forward the products to consumers in the same packaging, the following applies:

  • If you receive pre-packaged products from Germany and forward them without changing or adding anything to the packaging, then the supplier of the pre-packaged products must be registered for the packaging.
  • If you receive pre-packaged products from a country outside Germany and forward them without changing or adding anything to the packaging, then you are considered to be the party introducing the product into the German market in ‘unknown’ packaging, and thus registration is required.

Good to know: If you fail to register when you should, you risk high fines of up to 200,000 euros! This is indeed an essential factor to consider if you are planning to ship to/from Germany.

The Central Packaging Register LUCID is a German authority responsible for the management and enforcement of the packaging law. Companies selling packaged products in Germany must register with this authority through an EPR registration. This can be done via All relevant company data will be stored there. The EPR registration ensures that companies are held accountable for the packaging they place on the market and encourages them to use more environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

To comply with the VerpackG, companies must then register with one of the approved dual systems/German waste management companies that work in collaboration with the German government. These private waste processing companies are responsible for the professional collection, sorting and recycling of the packaging introduced by you to the market. As a business, you will pay a fee based on the packaging materials used and the quantity. A useful resource for comparing different providers is the website Verpackungslizenz-Vergleich (Packaging License Comparison).

It’s important to remember that complying with the VerpackG law and registering with the appropriate authorities and dual systems is crucial for selling products in Germany while ensuring environmental responsibility and avoiding potential fines.

Once you have registered with the Central Packaging Register LUCID, you will receive your EPR registration number. It is essential to provide this number to the marketplaces where you sell your products. These marketplaces could include platforms like Amazon, Otto and Kaufland.

Make sure to submit your packaging quantities annually, no later than January 31st, through!


Complying with the requirements of the German Packaging Act is crucial for webshops looking to sell products in Germany. By participating in a dual system and registering with the Central Packaging Register LUCID, your webshop can operate successfully in the German market and contribute to a more sustainable future for packaging waste management. Adhering to this legislation and choosing the right packaging license provider not only helps you meet legal requirements but also improves your company’s image and attracts environmentally conscious customers. It might even inspire you to take similar initiatives beyond Germany!

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