Offers different shipping options with the special Monta Checkout plug-in

As a webshop owner, you always want to optimise your customer experience; including when it comes to shipping your orders. With our Monta Checkout plug-in, it is possible to offer different shipping options without being dependent on a specific carrier.

Some customers like their parcels delivered directly to their home, while others prefer to collect them from a local parcel collection point. Does your online store run on the Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce e-commerce software, and do you use MontaWMS? If so, you can use the free Monta Checkout plug-in to offer your customers a choice of preferred shipping options.

Choice of different carriers

With the MontaWMS Checkout plug-in you can choose from different carriers, such as PostNL, DHL, UPS, DPD and more. You decide which options your customers will see. For example, do you want to only ship via PostNL? Then your customers can only choose from the various PostNL shipping options, such as home delivery by PostNL or a PostNL collection point. If you use several shipping parties, your customers will also see several options.

You can also specify that you want pickup points to be listed with the shipping options. Besides showing the standard home delivery options, the plug-in calculates the nearest pickup points based on the address data. This can be set per carrier (DHL pickup point, PostNL pickup point). The customer can then simply select the nearest pickup point.

Easy to set up

By using MontaWMS, you get automatic access to your own MontaPortal. This dashboard contains all the data concerning your online store, neatly structured. Amongst other things, the incoming orders and registered returns can be found in a clear overview.

Within the MontaPortal, you can also indicate your choices for MontaWMS Checkout. Indicate which carriers you want to use, whether you want to use pickup points and which (minimum) shipping rates you wish to charge. You can also indicate extra options, such as free delivery from, evening delivery, no delivery to the neighbours, sign for receipt, etc. Do you ship internationally? It’s possible to enter this data per country and with different prices.

Monta Checkout in combination with MontaWMS

Do you already use MontaWMS and Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce, and does the MontaWMS Checkout seem like an interesting addition to your online store? Then add the MontaWMS Checkout plug-in to your online store now. Download the plug-in for Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce here.

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